MEET Anna Beatriz Batalha

MEET Anna Beatriz Batalha

Anna is a pediatric doctor and hematologist and palliative doctor, when she is not working, she enjoys anything and everything related to the arts like dancing! 

Anna decided on being a doctor when she was just a child: 

“I think I don't even remember the moment I chose this. Maybe medicine has chosen me.  I never wanted to do anything else in my life.” 

 When asked about her how she chose to be a paediatrician, she says: 

During college I fell in love with Pediatrics . I have always liked children and envisioned myself working with them in the hospital. And within Pediatrics I fell in love with Hematology. This is a specialty where we take care of all blood diseases such as leukemias, lymphomas, sickle cell, anemia, and clotting problems. 

She is also a teacher, which is another passion of hers. Recently, Anna started to get specialized in palliative care, in which you assist the patient to where there is no longer the possibility of curative treatment.

By working with palliative care over the years, Anna went through many difficulties and challenges. She have cried a lot with her patients and still do cry to this day as it gets very emotional with all the families, which she learned a lot from the strength of them.

When asked about what advice she would give to future doctors, she says: 

I have always spoken to my students, who are soon to be doctors, and the advice that I always give is that they need to choose THEIR path with their  heart without thinking about the financial return because that will be a consequence . You need to work with love, empathy and with the desire to help the other and everything else will fall into place.  

Here's a quote that she likes this phrase a lot and even wrote in her master's thesis:

 “that of wanting to be exactly what we are will take us further” by the poet and writer Paulo Leminski

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