About Us

about us

Did you know that the first sanitary pads were created back in the 1920’s?
Sanitary pads were an incredible invention! They gave people who menstruate the freedom to carry on with their lives even during periods. Can you imagine how great it was, at that time, to being finally able to go to work knowing that you could bleed and feel safe at the same time? At that time this was something truly revolutionary. Sanitary pads allowed us to evolve as a society, enabling period-having people to participate in its development “more easily”.

However, even after if progress has been made, period is still perceived as a time of discomfort and problem in our lives. It has been dealt with as something that should be silenced and unnoticed. By using single-use pads and tampons our relationship with our period has been kept distant, unhealthy and unsustainable. Like the environment, menstruation is a natural process and should be seen and dealt with as a cyclic process. It should be embraced and accepted as any other phase we go through in life.

Thinking of that, we created SHE Period! A Singapore start-up of sustainable menstrual products :)

SHE Period is the loving child of 2 different women who complement each other:

  • Clara, our CEO: 15 years of experience in FMCG multinationals
  • Janayna, our Creative Head: the creative mind behind the brand
Through intersectionality, we learned to actively listen and embrace other experiences beyond our own.

Our vision is to live in a world where nature is respected, and balance is restored. We want a world where menstruation isn’t a synonym of shame, but a symbol of empowerment. We want to live in a reality where each and every one of us has full information about our bodies, rights and options to choose for ourselves.

Our mission is to develop eco-friendly and fashionable menstrual products, promote and support sustainability, and break the stigma attached to menstruation by sharing information and encouraging open discussions about the topic. Parallel to that, we are engaged to build a community to support and empower people who menstruate.