Celebrating Mother's Day With Our Co-Founder Clara

Celebrating Mother's Day With Our Co-Founder Clara

Hi there! I am Clara, you may know me as the co-founder of SHE Period but I will write this as the mother of Francisco and just Clara. I will be sharing my relationship with menstruation for the past 3 years! 

It was always a dream of mine to become a mother, and it will no longer be just a dream as my partner and I decided to have a baby in the midst of a pandemic. At first I thought, well, I have a well-regulated menstrual cycle, I don’t use any birth control pills, getting pregnant should be quick and easy! 

Little did I know how wrong I was. My beloved menstruation became a nightmare for me. Every month was like a rollercoaster. From the expectant “I’m pregnant!” to disappointment when my menstruation came. It was around the same time where SHE Period was about to launch, in which I felt like an imposter. How can I tell people to love their periods when I hate it right now? 

Finally, after 1 year, my moment arrived! Finally, my period, which came every month, didn't come to visit me. The positive test was proof that I was finally pregnant! There, I had made peace with my period again.

During the entire pregnancy I feared that blood may appear on my underwear and wanted to put a distance to any sign of blood because it meant problems with my pregnancy. 

My son came into this world on a beautiful July afternoon, after a long natural birth, with A LOT OF BLOOD! 

The 2 weeks after giving birth, I was bleeding so much that I took the opportunity to test all our future releases for high flow. 

That's when my relationship with menstruation changed again. Now the question was: Now what? When will I start menstruating again? The fear again… what if my period never visits me again?

As the months went by, I was ashamed to tell people that I still hadn't menstruated. In my mind, my worst fears were that my period would never come to visit me again and take away the dream of a second child.

After a long wait, 09 months after the birth of my son, my old friend, my period finally appeared! It started with a cramp, which I didn't want to believe at first, and then it appeared, and I was extremely relieved. 

I could finally use my SHE Period products. The entire process of sterilising the Menstrual Disc with the steriliser case was so therapeutic and it was a moment of self care for me (which is often forgotten after having a child).  

Finally! My period has arrived. Using the disc again felt comforting. Watching our TikTok videos helped me remember all the tips and tricks of the menstrual disc. Voila, the disc was perfectly tucked and comfortable. 

On the first day, I wore it with menstrual panties. But on the second day I took it off, I didn't need it, not a single drop leaked.

Every disc change was with a smile on my face. You're back my menstruation and I'll treat you very well!

My experience went from insecurity to excitement. I love my disc, I love being in control of my body, and I love knowing what's going on with it.

Now, I want many more women to be able to have this feeling and empowerment that I had!

Menstruation – It was so good to see you again, my old “friend”! Hope to see you on our next date, next month. Don’t be late! 

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