SHE Period Menstrual Disc Guidelines

SHE Period Menstrual Disc Guidelines

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For all the period-having people who are always on the go, a menstrual disc can be super helpful. The less time wasted, the more time to you can spend on achieving your goals! With menstrual discs, you don't have to change it multiple times a day like a tampon or pad because they provide 12 hours of protection. Heavy flow or not, we've got you covered. 

Here's a quick guide with some tips on how to start using your SHE Period Menstrual Disc!

SHE Period Menstrual Disc dimensions:


SHE Period Menstrual Disc dimensions




1. Wash your hands.
2. Wash your SHE Period
Menstrual Disc with warm
water and Foaming cleanser.

Sanitizing kit



3. Find a comfortable position




4. Pinch it before inserting the disc.
    Like this: 


5. This video will show you
how to insert the disc into the
vaginal canal and how to place it




** This is how the disc will stay
inside the vaginal canal: 



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