Period Comic Book Bundle - A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy (Deluge Bundle)

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SHE Period joined forces with Difference Engine to bring to you this book that surrounds the period topic! 


• A copy of A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy
• 10 tragically comedic stickers
• Limited edition art print by Andeasyand (A6)
• Enamel pin to proudly display period positivity

A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy takes us on a menses journey through the eyes (and wombs) of six different women, from the girl who is experiencing her very first period, to the lady going through menopause, menstrual cramps, and how they – and the people around them – experience their monthly cycles.

Menstruation is an intimately personal yet shared experience that can sometimes be hard to talk about candidly, but it’s time to put menstruating bodies at the heart of the conversation. Inspired by true stories from Asian women, this beautifully illustrated short comic by Andeasyand shows the lived experiences of unique, individual bodies, and brings to light the commonly undiscussed symptoms and trepidations of periods – heavy, regular, or nonexistent.

  • Writer: Andeasyand (Nurulhuda Izyan)
  • Illustrator(s): Andeasyand (Nurulhuda Izyan)
  • Publisher: Difference Engine