Meet Janayna! SHE Period's co-founder :)

Meet Janayna! SHE Period's co-founder :)

Meet Janayna! One of the half of SHE Period. She co-founded SHE Period with big dreams to create a brand with integrity and voice. Her drive and compassion contributed to the mission of this brand. She is a Brazilian designer that comes from a mixed-race family with migrant roots.

“I come from a working-class, migrant and diverse family with strong women from both sides. They gave me the tools that I needed to pursue my dreams. By witnessing their journey on building a path to lift me up, I became aware of the responsibilities I have to break the wheel.”

For Janayna, her passion for sustainable menstrual products began when she was between Europe and Singapore, through a friend’s recommendation.

“When I first started my journey using sustainable menstrual products, I tried out several types of menstrual cups. And girrrrlll… what a challenge! I tried and I tried for months, but it just didn’t work.

At that time I remember everyone talking about how awesome was to use the menstrual cup, what an amazing solution it was, and how great it felt not to have to buy disposable pads and tampons anymore. I was so frustrated! I felt like I was not doing my part with the environment, I was out of this revolution and I felt just wrong. As if there was something wrong with my body.

At some point, I discovered menstrual underwear. This completely changed the way I dealt with menstruation! I felt comfortable, sexy and very green, if I may say. I was finally able to do my part using a reusable menstrual product instead of purchasing disposable ones.

The best part of this process was: I felt seen! It made me realize that there was nothing wrong with my body, the menstrual cup was just not a good fit for me and that’s ok! What works for others might not work for me and that’s fine. Later, menstrual discs came and voila! I didn’t have any problems with it.”

Later on, Janayna met Clara and together they joined forces to create SHE Period.

“I always wanted to work with a purpose, to positively impact the world. SHE Period was the perfect opportunity for me. It meant having the freedom to create, learn, sharpen my instincts and also leave a positive mark in society, somehow.”

Based on her personal experience with sustainable menstrual products, Janayna’s main goal at SHE Period is to make all menstruators feel seen, have options and to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We're very proud of our work! We hope you'll join us by becoming part of the SHE Period community!

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